My Story

I create refined jewellery using responsibly sourced silver, gold and gemstones. Every piece is made by hand with love and respect for People and Planet.


I know how much meaning and sentiment a piece of jewellery can hold for its owner, whether it's an heirloom piece handed down from mother to daughter, a wedding ring symbolising eternal love, or a small trinket bought on holiday.

I also understand the dilemma of falling in love with a gorgeous piece of jewellery, but worrying about where it came from, who made it and what impact its creation has had on the World.

If you are ready to create your perfect piece of jewellery whilst making a positive change in the World, you are in the right place!

Hello, I'm Kate!

I'm the jewellery designer and maker at Prosecco & Rubies. I've been obsessed with shiny things for as long as I can remember! Some of my earliest memories include collecting tumbled gemstones before pouring over my DK Crystals and Gems book in an attempt to identify them.

My fascination with rocks and gems led me to study Chemistry at university, where I gained both a Masters and a PhD in the subject, before following a career in teaching. During this time, I met my wonderful husband and brought our gorgeous son into the World.

Throughout all this, my magpie tendencies were never far away, and I started making wire-wrapped jewellery in the evenings during my maternity leave - it was the only "me time" I could get.


When my son started nursery, I found some time to try my hand at silversmithing... and I was hooked! The idea of turning my hobby into a business started to germinate, but it took a metaphorical earthquake in my life for me to take it seriously.


The Prosecco & Rubies Story


I launched Prosecco & Rubies in 2018, a year after my Mum's unexpected death. The shock of losing her made me think hard about my own life - I realised I couldn't let my dream of running my own business slip away. I also wanted to be there for my little boy, just as my mum had always been there for me. This journal entry tells a bit more of the story.

Right from the start, I wanted to source my materials as responsibly as possible by using recycled silver and gemstones from businesses with strong ethical policies. I became a registered Fairtrade goldsmith, but it wasn't until I was asked to make a unique engagement ring that I started to think more about the provenance of my gemstones.


The "gold standard" in ethical sourcing is to be able to trace the gemstone fully from mine to the finished piece. At the start of 2021, I made my Fairlux "Provenance Pledge" to use fully traceable materials for my next collection, although this is proving to be harder than planned! I'm aiming to use 100% responsibly sourced materials by 2023. 

My Favourite Makes

My Core Principles

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Every piece of jewellery that leaves my workshop has been handmade by me using traditional metalsmithing and gem-setting techniques.

I work with care throughout all stages of the fabrication process and take pride in every piece being made to my exacting standards.

Each piece is examined under magnification to ensure that you receive a work of art that will last at least a lifetime.

Exceptional Client Care

My clients are the heart and soul of my business - I simply wouldn't be here without you.

When you place an order with me, expect to receive regular updates on your jewellery, including in-progress photos for bespoke and commission work.

I provide specific advice on caring for your jewellery to ensure that it stands the test of time. You can get in touch any time that you need help or advice with your jewellery.

Honesty and Transparency

Responsible sourcing is among my core values, but it is not always possible to trace 100% of my materials back to its source.

When this happens, I will make it clear which components are responsibly sourced and which are not so that you can make an informed choice.

If you need more information, I welcome questions from my clients about all aspects of my business and will answer them as fully as I can.