The Paris collection is my take on a classic design - a silver bar adorned with gemstone and silver beads is a simple, yet elegant statement piece. Inspired by the timeless elegance of the French capital, the Paris collection will lift any outfit. Paris itself holds a special place in my heart, as we celebrated my Grandma's 80th birthday there, taking a "bateau mouche" on the Seine for her birthday lunch!


The sterling silver bar is carefully hammered and shaped, before alternating polished gemstone and round sterling silver beads are wire-wrapped onto the bar. A fine sterling silver chain is used to complete the bracelet, and finished with a handmade hook-and-eye fastener, complete with a size adjustment chain to ensure an ideal fit. A sterling silver and gemstone bead dangle finishes the end of the chain adjuster. The total adjustable length of the bracelet is 18cm to 23cm. This item is hallmarked (925 Sterling Silver).

Paris Bracelet

  • I carry a limited amount of jewellery in stock at any one time, and most of my jewellery is made to order; please allow 6-8 weeks between placing your order and receiving it, particularly during busy periods such as Christmas. If you require a piece sooner than this, please send me a message to ask which items are ready to ship, or to discuss your options further. Please note that any orders required at short notice may incur additional costs to cover expenses such as next day delivery from suppliers, and next day hallmarking services. I will endevour to keep costs to you to a minimum.

  • Handmade jewellery by its nature tends to be quite delicate. For this reason, I do not recommend wearing it all day, every day, or wearing it when taking part in sports or "heavy impact" activities such as moving or carrying heavy items. It may also catch/snag some items of clothing such as knitwear, which may damage both the jewellery and the garment, so please match your outfits carefully!


    Sterling silver will tarnish over time. This is perfectly normal and can add to the character of the piece over time. Wearing your jewellery regulary will help to prevent this, however if you would like to remove tarnish, I recommend gently wiping the item with a silver cleaning cloth. If you need to clean your jewellery besides removing tarnish, you can wash it gently in warm soapy water, and pat dry.


    I appreciate that despite taking care of your jewellery, accidents can happen, and items can experience wear and tear (especially if they become favourites!). If this does happen to your jewellery, I will do what I can to repair your jewellery, or replace it where necessary. I may charge for repairs, depending on the extent of damage and need for replacement parts.