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What's in a name?

Hello, and welcome to the Prosecco & Rubies blog! I'm really excited that you're joining me on this (slightly scary!) journey. I thought I'd kick the first post off with a bit of background behind Prosecco & Rubies - why I started it, how I came up with the name, and what I hope we can achieve on this adventure. Like many stories, it starts with a critical event...

Just over a year ago, I woke up to what would be the worst day of my life – my dad called me to tell me that my kind, caring, perennially cheerful mum had just died, suddenly and without warning. In the weeks and months that followed, I found that my memories of our time together brought the most comfort.

Mum with her grandson, Christmas 2015

Something else that brought me solace was knowing that, exactly a week before Mum’s last day on Earth, she had sat in her favourite restaurant in Nice, celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary with my Dad – they definitely raised a glass or two of Prosecco that evening. She was so happy! She was also wearing a new necklace, commissioned by Dad, and made by me. It contained 40 rubies, one for every year they were married…

Mum's ruby necklace

The idea of turning my jewellery-making hobby into a business had been in my mind for a while, but Mum’s death reminded me that “life is too short…” I had a clear vision and inspiration – to spread a little happiness, help others to make cherished memories, and even create treasured heirlooms. My mum’s philosophy on life, to leave the World a better place than she had found it, became my guiding light.

From the pain of loss and the enduring love between mother and daughter emerged Prosecco & Rubies, a handmade jewellery business dedicated to helping you make your own cherished memories. So, here is my first jewellery collection, Villefranche - the spiral motif with wire-wrapped gemstones is the same as that used in Mum’s ruby necklace. You might also notice that the spiral motif has made an appearance in the logo!

I hope you continue to follow Prosecco's story through my creations and collections. As I make each piece, I always wonder, “who will wear you?”, “where will you go?”, and of course, “what memories will you help to make?” I would love you to share your story too, so please visit the “Prosecco & Rubies” Facebook page to tell us what you (and your jewellery) have been up to!

I'll leave you with a toast:

Here’s to a future that’s bright for all.

Here’s to memories, made with love.

Here’s to a life well lived, and lived well.

Kate xxx

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