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Jewellery to Match Your Christmas Jumper!

One of the delights of the festive season is to wear a big, warm, fluffy jumper that may (or may not) be utterly tasteless. Let's face it, it's a bit of fun, and a chance for adults and children alike to dress up. If, like me, you are obsessed with jewellery, you may also be wondering which special Christmassy pieces to match with your knitted masterpiece. So, here is my ultimate guide to Christmas jumper jewellery!

Go completely OTT on the Christmas theme

Let's face it, if you're wearing a Christmas jumper, especially one with bells and flashing lights, you're not going to be the epitome of elegance, so why not crack out the the bauble earrings? Going all out on the Christmas theme is a popular option when the chance only comes round once a year. Team the dangly dazzlers with reindeer antlers or a Santa hat for maximum festive appeal.

Go for simple and elegant

On the other hand, you may decide that your jumper speaks for itself, and/or is at the more tasteful end of the spectrum. In which case, understated simplicity may be called for - think little star stud earrings, or stacking rings with a hint of sparkle. Don't wear too much jewellery in this instance, as this is definitely a "less is more" situation.

Avoid necklaces!

Many Christmas jumpers have a round neckline and busy patterns, so shorter necklaces will sit on the neckline and just look a bit odd, whereas longer necklaces will be hidden by the bold design on the jumper. Plus, knitwear is easily snagged, so give necklaces a miss when the Christmas jumper makes its appearance!

Jingle bangles, jingle bangles, jingle all the way...

Sorry for that one. It seemed like a good idea at the time. In all seriousness, a few bangles on your wrist will give a delightfully festive noise that is somewhat reminiscent of sleigh bells. They won't get caught on your jumper, and it doesn't matter if they're not centre-stage - you still get a glimpse every so often. Heard but not seen could be the order of the day.

Whatever you opt for, have fun, and good luck with the run-up to the big day. If you still haven't got your tree up, don't worry, I haven't either (been too busy getting those last minute orders out!)

Happy Christmas Jumper Day! xxx

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