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How to Style your Jewellery for a Garden Party

The Platinum Jubilee celebrations are just around the corner - for many of us, that means garden parties, street parties and a lot of cake! Whilst many of these occasions will be relaxed affairs, there may be some where you have the opportunity to dress up, which opens a whole new conversation about what to wear and most importantly, what jewellery to match to your outfit. Most garden parties take place in the afternoon, so there is a delicate balance to be struck between frivolity and formality.

Here are my top tips on styling your jewellery perfectly, whether you're at Buckingham Palace, an Oxford college or your own back garden.

Tip #1 - You can't go wrong with earrings

If you wear nothing else (jewellery-wise), pick a gorgeous pair of earrings to go with your outfit. Oversized studs, short or long drop earrings and hoops are all perfectly acceptable at a garden party. The only thing I would caution against is big "red carpet" or chandelier-style earrings - garden parties are not the place for a lot of bling.

Delicate drop earrings are the ideal statement piece for a garden party.

Tip #2 - Don't fuss with florals

Have you opted for a floral print design? Then keep your jewellery simple as the print is already busy. A delicate earring and bracelet set in highly polished silver or gold may be all you need to complement your outfit.

"Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance." – Coco Chanel

Tip #3 - Embrace colour, but use it wisely

One of the joys of styling outfits for Spring and Summer is the variety of colours available. To colour-match your jewellery to a print, pick one accent colour from your outfit and stick to it throughout your accessories - this includes shoes, hair accessories, bags and make-up where appropriate. A colour wheel can help you to choose complementary shades if your outfit is a single colour.

Tip #4 - Explore bangles and bracelets

Short sleeves and no-sleeves are popular in the Summer months. This means arms and wrists are visible, which gives the perfect opportunity to show off a fabulous bracelet or bangle. Feel free to stack them up, or keep it low-key.

An elegant cuff-bracelet can be the perfect addition to a short- or no-sleeved dress.

Tip #5 - Quality over quantity

Delicate fine jewellery is the epitome of understated elegance and is perfect for a garden party in a prestigious setting. Keep jewellery sets to two items such as "earrings and pendant" or "earrings and bracelet" (you may well be wearing some sentimental rings as well). And don't forget, pearls and a brooch have been Her Majesty's "go-to" jewellery pairing for years!

If in doubt, keep it simple

Garden parties are fun, light-hearted events where you can relax and enjoy good company and good weather (hopefully!) Simple, elegant jewellery can be a talking point if chosen with care and an eye for detail. If you are looking for something that fits the bill, both the Marguerite and Clair de Lune collections are available to buy now.

I hope you've found this article helpful. If you need advice with anything jewellery-related, please get in touch as I love solving sparkly problems! If you enjoyed this and would like more content like this delivered straight to your inbox, you can join my VIP Club here - benefits include exclusive offers, early bird notification and (of course) never missing another post again!

Until next time,

Kate xxx

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